At (the «Website»), we strive to make our services accessible to everyone. To this end, we have invested significant resources in our site to make it accessible to people with disabilities. We sincerely believe that efforts to make websites accessible are vital to ensuring that all users deserve the right to independence, equality and ease of use.

Availability on the website
With the help of’s accessibility audit tool, the website was scanned for compliance with the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). After the audit, the website continues to raise its accessibility standards [add the following sentence only if you use the widget] and now uses the Web Accessibility Widget, software that allows users with disabilities to access the website as well.

On the website, we strive to constantly update and improve the accessibility of the site and services. We believe that providing access to all users is our responsibility and a mutual moral obligation.

While we strive to constantly correct and improve accessibility issues on this site, we are also committed to periodically scanning the website with an accessibility scanner.

Our goal is to identify and remove all accessibility barriers on our site. Although we strive to ensure full accessibility of all pages and content on the website, some content on the website may not yet have been fully adapted to meet the most stringent accessibility standards. That’s why we are here for you